US Immigration Visas and Same-Sex Couples: K-1 Fiancée and B-2 Tourist


The immigration rule for the same sex partners in America is undergoing changes often. On June 26th, 2013 the Supreme Court made history by passing the defense of marriage act (DOMA) that passed the benefits for couples belonging of same sex. But today the condition has been changed. Now a US citizen or any permanent resident of the US can apply for and get visa for their same sex partner. Same way the same sex partner can apply for a job and get benefitted through his/her partner’s green card. There are so many complicated procedures in the visa process. In order to overcome those, try to appoint an immigration visa attorney, who will help you out throughout the visa procedures.

K-1 Fiancé Immigration visa – same sex couples
This rule was created and written before 40 years. According to this the K-1 visa offered vehicle services for the spouse of the US residents. Once they reach US, they are supposed to marry their spouse within the period of 90 days. Based on the particular information of the partners’ situation, the K-1 visa may now be a practical one for a spouse joining his/her partner in U.S.

Your partner joining you in US
One of the questions often asked to immigration lawyers is what to do in the situation when a non-immigrant is offered a U.S. work visa who wants their fiancée to join them in the US. In this case, when they are not married then the US immigration may not qualify you for a mixture visa. For example, compared with the legal partner of a H-1B Specialized Employee who may implement for an H-4 visa, your partner holding H-1B visa is not qualified for H-4 visa. In such situations, choices are very restricted. You should consider making a plan to visit the U.S. Embassy in her/his home country for a B-2 tourist visa.